Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ice Maker

Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ice Maker || A lot of people get confused when they are about to purchase an ice maker machine for their house, business, dorm, office, etc. The readers reading this article are probably one of them. Today, in this article, we’re going to break down all the possible points that you’ve to keep in mind before purchasing an ice maker machine. Not only ice makers but any product that you want to purchase for your home, office, business, dorm, etc.

Types of Ice Makers

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Types of Ice Makers

Before purchasing any ice maker machine for your home, make sure you know what type of machine you are looking for. There are several types of machines in the market out there and you’ve to choose accordingly.

Portable Ice Makers

Portable ice makers can be carried with you anywhere. These ice makers are small in size and you can place them anywhere in your house, dorm, office, etc. Such ice makers are best for camping, picnics, outdoor parties, etc. You can place them at the table and produce ice cubes without any issues.

Such ice makers have low ice-making capacity. However, you can choose the more capacity if you have more budget. If you have a small family and you love to go to picnics then consider buying portable ice makers.

Freestanding Ice Makers

Freestanding ice makers are big in size but they are known for their capacity to be installed anywhere in your house. You can place them at a corner in your house, dorm, office, etc. and they will work like charm. These ice makers have a high ice-making capacity. Some units of freestanding ice makers produce clear ice cubes.

Built-in Ice Makers

Built-in ice makers are engineered to fit under a kitchen counter or bar counter. These ice makers can also be installed as freestanding. Built-in ice makers have a large ice-making capacity than the other small ice makers. Also, these units produce clear ice cubes.

Commercial Ice Makers

These ice makers are mostly used in businesses like coffee shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, etc. But it can also be used at houses, parties, small or big gatherings, etc. Such ice makers have vast ice-producing capacity than any other ice maker. Because of their ability to produce many ice cubes, they are used in businesses.

Undercounter Ice Makers

These ice makers are known for their ability to fit under the counter of any kitchen or bar. They’re best at producing enough ice cubes for family members and customers at bars. You can also use them as freestanding but mostly, they are used under the counter. These ice makers have vast clear ice cubes making capacity.

Buying Guide for Customers

In this paragraph, we’ll talk about the buying guide for ice makers. Knowing what you are looking for before purchasing is one of the most important things that one must always concern about. If you know what you are looking for, it will always be easy for you to purchase any product without thinking twice. The purpose of giving buying guide is to provide you with information that will help you in understanding some facts about the products that you must be aware of. This will help you clear all your doubts.


Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ice Maker

Whenever we think about purchasing anything, the first thing that comes to our mind is the brand of that product. That’s what we call Branding Power. Good brands always leave an impact on our minds. So, keep in mind that you must always choose a reputable brand when you’re about to purchase an item.

Reputable brands not only sell products but also, care about their customers. They will provide you a warranty period of a specific time i.e. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, or more. Within this period of time, if anything wrong happens with your product, you can get a replacement for free. No third-party brand will ever do that. Do you know why? Because they care about selling products and making profits only.



The size of the product matters when you have limited space in your house. If you purchase an ice maker that won’t fit in any of your rooms, that will be a waste of your money. So, better if you check the space and purchase the product according to that. You will get a thousand choices of sizes. Don’t be in any hurry to purchase. Relax and keep looking for a better one.

Build Quality

Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ice Maker

Always choose a better build quality if you want your machine to work for more than 6-7 years. A strong build quality increases the lifespan of machines. Most of the machines come with low build quality to reduce the price. Avoid purchasing such machines. Better pay a few bucks extra and get yourself and fine build-quality that you can rely on for more than 7 years.

Safety Features

safety features

Safety features are one of the most important things nowadays. This can prevent painful tragedies from happening. As kids these days find such machines fascinating and start pressing buttons, it’s most important to have some safety features in every machine. The latest machines come with modern technology sensors. These sensors don’t let machines start when something is in front of its dangerous parts. Not even the kids, even adults make mistakes sometimes.

Clear Ice Cubes vs Cloudy Ice Cubes

Most of the ice makers produce only cloudy ice cubes. Either they have a whitish layer inside or they are completely white. This is how cheap ice makers produce ice cubes. It’s because they don’t have water filters inside of them. And also, the water used to produce ice cubes isn’t pure water. Impure water always produces cloudy ice cubes, it’s because impurities freeze with water and form clouds inside the ice cubes.

Things To Consider Before Purchasing an Ice Maker
Clear Ice vs Cloudy Ice

The cloud ice cubes not only look white but also, but their taste also has odor. When you’ll mix it with your drinks, the color of your drink will change. It’s because the impurities inside the ice cubes get mixed with your drink.

The clear ice cubes are made of either filtered water or boiled water. The filtered or boiled water has 0 impurities present in it. When the filtered or boiled water starts freezing, it produces clear and transparent ice cubes. The taste of clear ice cubes is odorless.

How To Produce Clear Ice Cubes?

To produce clear ice cubes, you must use either filtered water or boiled water. Filtering or boiling the water will kill all of the impurities present inside of it. And when the water will freeze, it’ll form clear, transparent, and odorless ice cubes. This is the only way to produce clear ice cubes.

Final Words

Choosing an ice maker machine for your home, business, dorm, office, etc. isn’t that hard when you know what type of machine you are looking for. People get confused when they have no idea about their needs. They get confused when they don’t have deep knowledge about the product they’re about to purchase. When you have all that information in your mind, you’ll automatically choose what’s right for you. Your instinct will tell you what to choose. The purpose of this article is only to clear your vision about your needs and help you in choosing the best product for you.