The London Universities List & Their Specialisms

London boasts a diverse array of universities, attracting students from around the globe. From renowned research institutions to specialized learning centers, the city offers a wealth of educational opportunities. With over 100,000 international students representing more than 200 countries, London’s universities provide top-tier degrees and a multicultural environment. As a leading provider of student accommodation in Zone 1, urbanest has compiled a comprehensive list of London universities, highlighting their unique offerings and specialties.

List of London Universities:

  1. Birkbeck, University Of London
  2. Brunel University London
  3. City, University Of London
  4. Coventry University London
  5. GCU London
  6. Goldsmiths, University Of London
  7. Imperial College London
  8. King’s College London
  9. Kingston University
  10. London Business School
  11. London Film School
  12. London Institute Of Banking & Finance
  13. London Metropolitan University
  14. London School Of Economics (LSE)
  15. London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine
  16. London South Bank University
  17. Middlesex University
  18. Newcastle University London
  19. Queen Mary University Of London
  20. Ravensbourne University London
  21. Regents University London
  22. Royal College Of Art
  23. Royal Holloway, University Of London
  24. Royal Veterinary College
  25. School Of Advanced Study
  26. SOAS, University Of London
  27. Staffordshire University London
  28. St Mary’s University, Twickenham
  29. University College London (UCL)
  30. University Of East London
  31. University Of Greenwich
  32. University Of Roehampton
  33. University Of The Arts London
  34. University Of West London
  35. University Of Westminster

London Universities and Their Specializations:

  1. Birkbeck, University Of London: Offers evening higher education with a focus on work experience alongside studies.
  2. Brunel University London: Known for its international student community and strong engineering programs.
  3. City, University Of London: Renowned for business-focused degrees and central location.
  4. Coventry University London: Offers diverse business degrees with strong industry links and social events.
  5. GCU London: Specializes in postgraduate education with a focus on fashion and business.
  6. Goldsmiths, University Of London: Well-regarded for political education and research quality.
  7. Imperial College London: Globally recognized for engineering, science, medicine, and business studies.
  8. King’s College London: Esteemed for its authority in various fields including social science, law, and medicine.
  9. Kingston University: Known for excellence in nursing, pharmacy, sports science, journalism, and fashion.
  10. London Business School: Offers world-class business programs with high research ratings.
  11. London Film School: Oldest film institution in the UK, specializing in filmmaking and screenwriting.
  12. London Institute Of Banking & Finance: Focuses on practical learning and networking for financial careers.
  13. London Metropolitan University: Provides diverse courses with strong industry support and international community.
  14. London School Of Economics (LSE): Renowned for extensive research and teaching in various fields beyond economics.
  15. London School Of Hygiene And Tropical Medicine: Specializes in health education and research with a global focus.
  16. London South Bank University: Known for vocationally charged courses and strong graduate employment rates.
  17. Middlesex University: Offers a broad spectrum of courses with a focus on practice-based learning.
  18. Newcastle University London: Known for globally recognized business programs and industry immersion.
  19. Queen Mary University Of London: Fosters diverse ideas and academic excellence across various disciplines.
  20. Ravensbourne University London: Focuses on collaborative learning and high graduate employability.
  21. Regents University London: Offers intimate learning experience with a focus on innovation and leadership.
  22. Royal College Of Art: Top-ranked for art and design postgraduate studies with a rich alumni network.
  23. Royal Holloway, University Of London: Known for campus-based research and international diversity.
  24. Royal Veterinary College: Oldest vet school in the world, specializing in veterinary studies and research.
  25. School Of Advanced Study: Premier postgraduate research institution specializing in humanities.
  26. SOAS, University Of London: Specializes in Asia, Africa, and Middle East studies with high teaching satisfaction.
  27. Staffordshire University London: Specializes in tech-based courses with a focus on employability.
  28. St Mary’s University, Twickenham: Offers Olympic-standard sports facilities and high graduate employment rates.
  29. University College London (UCL): Multidisciplinary university with leading undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.
  30. University Of East London: Offers a wide range of programs with a focus on international student support.
  31. University Of Greenwich: Known for sustainability and academic support with a Thames-side campus.
  32. University Of Roehampton: Inclusive university with a focus on broad thinking and creative thought.
  33. University Of The Arts London: Top university for art and design with strong industry links and high employability.
  34. University Of West London: Known as the “career university” with high graduate employment rates.
  35. University Of Westminster: Offers top-quality courses and research facilities in central London.

Best Universities in London by Subject:

  • Law: London School of Economics (LSE), University College London (UCL)
  • Psychology and Sociology: University College London (UCL), Birkbeck University
  • Computer Science: Imperial College London, King’s College London

With its rich academic landscape and diverse offerings, London provides an ideal environment for pursuing higher education in various fields. Whether you’re interested in law, psychology, computer science, or other disciplines, London’s universities offer world-class education and vibrant campus life.