How To Clean Your Ice Maker Machine: Full Guide

Nowadays ice makers have become major appliances in the kitchen and in the summers it is used a lot to make a different type of cold servings. But as it is an appliance, the ice machines also need to clean after every month. We use ice makers for months and don’t clean them. Hence the ice maker stops making ice or producing the bad quality ice which nobody wants. In this article, we will help you clean your ice machine step by step and ensure your all equipment is very well.

Why Cleaning Is So Important?

Cleaning an ice maker is very important. The hard water in the ice machines has very much minerals and other things in it which if left unfiltered can slowly damage your ice machines. Dust and rust are the things that are the enemies of these ice machines. Mold can also build up in the machine which creates difficulty to produce ice.

If you clean your ice makers and keep them well maintained then the machine becomes more long-lasting, has good ice production, and tastes great. Even if you use the filters, at some point the machine needs some cleaning.

How Often You Should Clean?

If you see these signs, then the ice makers need to be cleaned. Here are those signs:

  • The machine start producing smaller ice cubes than normal.
  • The ice is little cloudy in apperance.
  • The ice feels softer.
  • The ice start melting fast.
  • It start having strange taste.
  • The ice is very awful odor.

How To Clean An Ice Maker

There are a few steps that will help you to clean an ice maker. We have detailed every step very carefully. So, read it very carefully else if anything bad happens to the machine. We are not responsible for the damage.

  1. Remove the ice from the bin and remember that all the ice should be removed properly. There are mainly two ways to clean the bin. The first is to push the power button and let the ice melts completely or you can either press switch at the end of harvest cycles and let the ice falls from evaporators.
  2. Press the clean button and wait for a minute. The machine will flow through the water dump valve and down the drain.
  3. Make sure you good quality of cleaning solution. If you finding problems in finding the best cleaning solution then try to find it on amazon. There you will get a lot of choices.
  4. Before you clean your ice machine. Make sure you have removed all the internal parts of the machine beacuse if you didn’t remove the parts. It can damage the water can damage the machine internally.
  5. After you have removed all the removable parts of the ice machines. You need to add the cleaning solution and lukewarm water. Clean all the internal components of the machine very well.
  6. After its done, rinse all the equipments with clean water. So, that there is no mess left on the ice machine.

Tips For The Restaurants Or Cafes

If you use an ice machine for commercial use. Remember you need to clean your ice machine regularly after 3-4 months. According to FDA, ice is also included in foods. There are many people who love to eat ice and are addicted to it. So, always clean your machine else you can face some charges in the future from the local food management.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this article has helped you know about cleaning your ice machines. We have explained every step very carefully. So, read the article carefully else if you did any mistake after then we will not be responsible for the damage. If you still have any doubts left. Just contact us through our mail, we will reply to you within the next 1-2 business hours.